What we do

Athrú Consultancy has a proven track record in supporting organisations develop and implement HR strategy and strategic HRM practices. We believe that a well developed HR Strategy is a key building block of the organisation’s overall HR Infrastructure.

HR Infrastructure

HR Strategy is only one part of the organisation’s HR infrastructure. While it provides the road map that sets out where the organisation wants to be and how it will get there this will only be possible if equal attention is paid to how that HR Strategy is delivered. This delivery will be brought about by having the right

Design of the HR organisation

HR capacity in terms of people and their individual and collective capabilities

HR Policies, processes and procedures

HR systems including IT

HR Analytics framework aimed at using high quality HR data for making decisions

Athrú Consultancy are of the clear view that for an organisation  to be truly effective all of the above elements must be carefully developed and implemented in a coherent and consistent manner.

Human Resources Strategy

Human Resource Strategy is as much a part of overall Business Strategy as the Marketing, Financial and R&D Strategies. To be effective each of these elements must have a common critical characteristic of being clearly aligned with the Objectives of the organisation. In addition the HR Strategy must also take into consideration the HR Environment in which the organisation operates which in turn is defined by such issues as the prevailing Employment Legislation in place, the approach to Social Partnership the availability of suitably qualified people etc. Just as the Financial resources available at any one time can shape the enterprise’s direction the strength of an organisation’s Human Resource capability will be of equal importance to its future success.